Motion / 3D / FX

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▶ Lead VFX artist / Asst VFX Supervisor

"Bad Trip (2019)"- Eye Spy LA
Supervised on-set green screen/VFX shoot of upcoming comedy title.  Planned and executed VFX for multiple key scenes.

▶ Freelance Modeler / Lookdev

“Upcoming Fantasy Feature (2019)” - Post Mango
Built post-viz hero asset in Houdini and Cinema4D.

Freelance FX Artist

"Upcoming Horror Feature (2019)" - Paramount Pictures
Build, texture, render and composite fire and smoke assets for up-close on-camera use.


▶ Freelance Houdini TD / Unity FX Artist

Wrote Houdini-based lookdev and asset-creation pipeline. Created and visualized velocity fields for use in bespoke in-store experience.

▶ In-House Modeler / Lookdev / TD

Production Club
Planned and executed 3D modeling, lighting and rendering for production-quality 3D assets within multiple international-level project silos.  Developed pipeline around in-house procedures.

▶ In-House 3D / Motion Design Lead

“Autumn Man Music Video" - Smart Objects
All modeling and animation.


▶ Freelance Motion Design

“Relaunch” - RealD
Explored design and execution of assets for unreleased short ident branding relaunch for a major cinema technology provider.

▶ Freelance Compositor

"Polaroid (2019)" - Dimension Films
High volume, fast-turnaround compositing on a distributed team for use in stakeholder screening. Lookdev on VFX shots.

▶ Freelance Motion Design

“Sound Cube Modular” - Alloccacoc
Animated, textured and rendered short bumper for product website.

▶ Freelance Motion Design

“2017 Reel Open” - Shade VFX
Animate and render short bumper animation for company’s spring 2017 reel.

▶ Freelance Lookdev

“OnePlus Headphones” - Post Mango
Compose and render compelling stills for tech product launch.


▶ In-House VFX / Post-Viz / Motion Design

"Replicas (2018)" - Eye Spy
UI design in Cinema4D and After Effects. Particle effects for hero asset key scenes. Lookdev and modeling on hard-surface hero asset.

▶ Freelance Compositor

"Power Rangers (2017)" - Lionsgate
In-house Nuke comping for use in screening cut.

▶ In-House VFX Artist / Compositor

"The Dance Battle That Saved the World" - USC student film
Created and finaled all graphics assets. Executed all elements. Designed and executed all VFX shots.

▶ In-House FX / Motion Design Lead

"In-store display" - Puma Store
Lookdev, modeling, rig creation, animation, lighting and rendering on a unreleased in-store display package.

▶ In-House 3D / Motion Design Lead

“Cocoon Music Video" - Raven Coleman
All modeling, lookdev and animation.

▶ In-House 3D / Motion Design Lead

“Process Music Video" - Christopher Norman
All modeling, lookdev and animation.


  • Columbia College Chicago (Film editing, title design)

  • Gnomon Hollywood (Digital Matte Painting)

  • CGMA (Houdini, VEX, Digital Matte Painting)

  • Learn Squared (Title Design, Motion Design)


  • Skilled in MoGraph, simulation, particle animation, hard surface modeling, tool creation, rendering, compositing.

  • Experienced in creating feature film, music video, logo animations, pack shots, bumps.

  • Co-Organizer, LA Houdini User Group.


  • Skilled in Cinema4D, Octane Render, Photoshop, Houdini, After Effects, Nuke.

  • Conversant in Maya, Substance, Unity.


  • Paramount Pictures

  • Lotus Entertainment

  • Production Club

  • Shade VFX

  • Sturge Media

  • Aloccacoc

  • Dream Pops